Thank you James cooper for the footage
and hannah rucker for the edit.

what to expect at the show


It is essentially a craft party. Meet the artists/craftspeople. Make something fun at the DIY Makers Tables. Enjoy the music. Eat some food. Maybe a drink from the bar? Learn something new. Buy cool stuff. Buy more cool stuff.

So, why did Ann and Teri want to create an indiemade event? Because we couldn't find things we wanted to buy at local shows! Yes, we know this is self-serving but we have a great time and meet so many amazing people. And we get a good amount of our holiday shopping done!

Besides supporting the indie craft movement at show what steps can you take to maintain your


Express yourself. In your clothing, accessories and home decor. Don't buy big box, brand name stuff. Have a wardrobe and a home filled with things you love from people you know. 

Be open and accepting. Embrace new ideas. Ask questions. Don't be afraid to learn something new. Don't judge. Take time to investigate the unknown.

Start creating things yourself. Make a scarf, paint a flowerpot, create a pin for your hat. Learn new things and share what you know with others. Become a part of the indiemade craft market community. It is a fun and rewarding place to be!

Check out indiemade in motion on Vimeo! Time lapse footage of the first floor of the 2013 event.